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'Having worked in education for 20 years and worked as a senior leader for 10 years, I have a true passion for education, people, and culture; I aim to share my passion through equipping schools/colleges with the resources they need to give students an engaging, fulfilling and inspiring learning experience'. Liz Winn; Managing Director 

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Aspiring Leaders

Work Experience


Motivational Events


Y Focused LTD are promoting a reading scheme across the City to support schools with listening to students read. Some young people do not have the support or opportunity at home to be able to read out loud. This is such an important skill for so many reasons such as self confidence, communication skills, literacy skills and knowledge building. 

If you work at a school that is interested in this free support or a business that would like to offer some time to support young people then just email and let us know.

Together we can make such a difference.

Resilience Workshop


Business Workshop 

Public Speaking


Our 'Why'.

Sharing a Passion for Education 

Y Focused is an advisory and impact service that has been created to work with schools, colleges and businesses to raise standards and aspirations across the City.  

We offer short to medium term capacity leading to impactful and sustained outcomes. 
We will deliver programmes to support education providers with widening participation projects and ensure they have a fully inclusive enrichment, progression, and careers programme.  The aim is to connect everyone with ‘why’ they are doing what they are doing, to never lose sight of that and ensure people are fully engaging and developing youngsters to their full potential, giving them every opportunity. 

Liz and Tom are both from hull and are both 5'6".  They started Hull Unwrapped as they have a real passion for the City of Hull and the people we all know as Hullensians.


Zailie Barratt, Hull College

"I have worked with Liz Winn for the past 4 years. Liz is one of the most passionate people I have ever worked with. She has the most unique and innovative way of understanding education, young people and the wider communities and agencies that can impact how schools and colleges can move forward for better outcomes for children and young people' 

Anita Hoy, Winifred Holtby Academy

‘It has been amazing watching our students grow whilst studying the Aspiring Leaders Programme.  Their confidence has really improved and they have worked in teams with people they wouldn't normally study with.  The presentations and pitches they produced at the end of the programme were of a high quality and they really impressed the panel with how well they delivered their ideas.  It has set them up brilliantly for their next steps'

Tom Simpson, Novum Personnel  

“Liz is the ultimate professional, her strategic planning is of the highest standard and she always ensures there is a positive impact with her work.  Her ability to think outside the box and see things that others can't is a real asset.  Would highly recommend Y Focused for  education specialism and support.”
Dug out .HEIC
Dug out .HEIC

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